Dear All,
Two nights in the Canyon d Hérisson surrounded by sediments from the Jurassic Period 150My old.
In a nearby quarry at Loule enormous footprints of dinosaurs were discovered a few years ago.
These are the jurassic stars as well... in this Time Lapse you'll also see the Andromeda Nebula rising...
It's light is barely visible in my light-polluted Dutch country site. This is the farest object we could see with an unaided eye. If you realize that its lightrays left this galaxy at the start of the Ice-age... We were not there yet.
But looking back with your unaided eye in the Jurassic period is only possible at close distance, literally at your feet... not in the immense space.

I hope you like it feel free to comment, maybe at my facebook.
hope you liked it

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