Zecharias' 42-42-91-42 metered speech, like Mary's, also draws from Hanna's prayer and the same OT verses Mary tagged in her speech. For extra measure, Zecharias pegs to her ending 217 meter, too. This video reviews that Greek, since you can grab any English translation and follow along. Last 30 minutes are pretty dramatic, I'm blown away.

See the Synoptics series for more info on Zecharias' speech.

Links to stuff shown in video:
brainout.net/Zecharias.pdf for the doc shown in the video.
brainout.net/MagnificatMeterDraft2.pdf, Mary's Meter structure. Pages 11ff cover the meter and how Zecharias plays off it. His meter is color coded like Mary's, in that doc's page 22.
Bible Hebrew Meter Characteristics, so you can test for yourself: brainout.net/BibleHebMeterCharacs.doc (or use 'pdf' or 'htm' if you prefer).

Associated Links:

brainout.net/MagnificatMeterDraft2.doc (or 'pdf', for the pdf copy), Mary's Meter structure. You need the free BibleWorks fonts for the doc, bibleworks.com/fonts.html .

brainout.net/MagnificatCalendar.xls showing the countdown from Antiochus IV and Chanukah, which Mary 'maps'. Column F is yet incomplete. Dates are shown in 'our' errant BC/AD system, as well as in Roman AUC calendar, which I suspect Mary and Paul use. Still testing that idea.

brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.doc (or 'pdf', for the pdf version), page 8, on Psalm 90 sevened-meter structure. For the doc, you also need BibleWorks fonts.

brainout.net/DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.RTF (or 'pdf') , Daniel 9:4-19's meter structure, 'ChronoChart' section. For the rtf, you also need BibleWorks fonts.

That rtf(pdf) also has extensive notes on his king-mapping with ties to the Chronicles and Kings verses he references.
brainout.net/Isa53Map.pdf Isaiah 53's meter map structure.
brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls Map of Time from Adam forward, so you can better tie real time to Psalm 90's meter map.

brainout.net/Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or htm) on Ephesians 1 (Pages 2-3 summarize God's Doctrine of Time, pp.4-5 contain all links to all related videos, Word docs and webpages on both the meter and the Doctrine of Time in Bible.) For the doc (or htm), you also need BibleWorks fonts. The pdf is brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

File Name: 11s12GGSZech1234.avi , 4/16/12.

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