*** Presented at State of the Map 2013, by Tim Waters ***
*** For more info including slides, where available, see lanyrd.com/2013/sotm/scphhz/
*** Full schedule also available at wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_Of_The_Map_2013

Psychogeography can be described as the study of the effects of the urban environment on the emotions and behaviour of people. Maps have traditionally been made by those in power and the biases in historical maps can be obvious. OpenStreetMap has the potential to be properly democratic in the mapping of space. Anything that exists can be mapped! However OSM is formed by people and what we choose to map is decided by our place in society and our perceptions of space, reality and the world around us. Psychogeography can be used to uncover some of these layers hidden from our perception. An opportunity to go for a short walk outside to explore these themes will be given to participants.

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