Gift cards are great for last-minute presents, especially if the recipient is hard to shop for. But sometimes gift cards are seen like you weren't creative or thoughtful. You know: "Blah."

I'm Gina Miller for and if this sounds like you, listen up. I’ve got some tips on creative ways to wrap gift cards. No more blah!

The key? Once you pick a gift card, choose a theme that goes with the type of card you’re giving. Ready to get inspired? Let's go!

Your local craft store is a great place to start. There you’ll find inexpensive items that add flair to the gift card.

So here’s an idea for a female who loves jewelry. At the craft store I found a decorative box on sale that can later be used to store jewelry, plus the box is a great place to hide her gift card. I attached the card on the lid with some tape, then placed it in a simple gift bag with some colorful ribbon.

Now, maybe you have a friend taking a beach vacation. Here I purchased a gift card that can be used anywhere. I then attached it to a small packable beach basket. I included some sun protection and lotion products then decorated it with ribbons. This makes a great bon voyage gift!

For my male friend I chose a gift card to his favorite TV and electronics store. Since I know most guys never like to be too far from the TV remote, I searched for a box with a movie theme that will keep his remotes in place. Then I added some fancy cigars, and placed the gift card between the cigars. I also tried to keep this gift as masculine as possible, by using a neutral color gift bag to hold all the goodies and still add some creativity.

When I buy gift cards for children and teens, I always attach a toy, a book or some art supplies since kids and teens like gifts they can enjoy on the spot.

So think about the person you are gifting, plan a theme for the gift card, and have some fun. With a little creative packaging, you can turn gift cards from "blah" to "wow!"

I'm Gina Miller, for

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