Join us for an evening of live scores with two unorthodox and exploratory slingers exemplary amongst the unorthodox and exploratory. Dudes on guitar jamming to films? Spectacle absolutely promises you no silly string – we like to think we know our jams and this jammy will be berry sweet and twangy. Love dissolving to a smooth blues lick? These sick six-squeezed and strangled sounds guarantee a ride into the sunset most avant.

Los Angeler Peter Kolovos makes a rare New York visit celebrating the recent release of his massive triple-LP release BLACK COLORS; he’ll be tackling a new moving visual study by New Zealand artist Joyce Campbell. Bhutan-born, Asheville NC-based Tashi Dorji handplucks _TITLE_TBD_ from the Spectacle yolodex; this will be Tashi Dorji’s debut live performance in Brooklyn.

“Guitar skill is tough to judge. Some covet Eddie Van Halen, others Sandy Bull, most droll work from The Edge or those guys in all the bands that sound happily alike. Tashi Dorji wants it all and none of it.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Kolovos molds his tactile guitar noise into such an array of shapes, it sounds like some kind of monstrous hybrid of electronics, acoustics, and otherworldly machinery… a sonic kaleidoscope.” – Pitchfork

“It’s hard to think of anyone who has so convincingly disassembled the entire goddamn instrument with this kind of bloody-minded intent.” – Volcanic Tongue

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