This video shows the process of making a campaing to promote the arrive and exclusive sale of the new models of Furby 2014 in Tiendas Paris along October 2014.
The campaing was based on a live show where the new Furbys were the main actors, during one hour a day at 18:00 a couple of community managers interacted with spectators using the comments on a post placed at Tiendas Paris fanpage with an embed flash live video player, with the help of the flash Facebook SDk we where able to fetch comments from the post on realtime and show them at the site of the campaing (

The site had two states, one with a timer showing the time left for the new show, and another where the site allowed visitors to see the live show, see the comments from the promoted post of the current post, comment directly to the post, and vote for one of the two Furby's in order to win one of them at the end of the Show.

At the show we used an LCD screen as background, in the screen a Community Manager could change animations that reflected furby's currents states, send messages to all spectators, change music, and basically have control over the actions that happened during the show; that was possible because we did two AIR osx app's connected between them, one with the background app, and the other with an small console built with Keith Peters minimalcomps. The rest of the team helped to animate the show using props as confetti, a disco ball, and trying to mimic a child's party where the furby's had a good time.
Also we built an small iOS app used to display the amount of votes of each Furby during the show fetch them from a remote mysql database.

My tasks where to build the whole site on flash in two days, model the AIR app's connectivity and code the console with it's messages to the other Air app's. During the week that the show was on air i had to monitor the comments fetching and re-code some of its aspects to reduce the querys to the FacebookGraph to a minumum.

My interactive workmate Paola González ( did the iOS app's, the background Adobe AIR app, and also edited this video :)

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