This is my cover of David Bowie's mind-bogglingly awesome track 'Let's Dance' from the equally mind blowing album of the same name.
You can hear the original here:

For returning viewers, you'll notice the video is a lot different to how I normally present my covers, because I chose to do this song as part of my A2 Music Technology coursework this year and therefore I did not play all the instruments as I normally do, and there are no sequenced instruments in this track at all.
I'd like to thank Matt Appleby for all the lead guitars and the rhythm in the verses,
Damon Moon for the drums, minus the djembe, and Tom Burton for the saxophone. Also, massive thanks to Tim Gyton for being my extra ears on the production side. Please be nice, I'm definitely no Nile Rodgers and certainly no Bowie.

Comments/suggestions/requests welcome.
Put the quality at it's highest to get the best audio experience or listen on the link at the top.
Thanks for listening.

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