filmed by ZIL, video edit by ZIL & ZOY, objects and arrangements by ZIL & ZOY, music written and produced by ZOY WINTERSTEIN, light design by WILLY WEIHRETER, make up by CHRISTINE VON KALINOWSKY, costume of alien BEN by CARINA SHKURÓ, architecture models by TOBIAS STARK

AWAY is about Zoy – a human whose roots are not on earth and who lives on earth at a time unknown to us.
He is making different experiences on the journey of his life, inside himself and in several places on earth. A planet on which the law of dualism rules. For example good and evil or the principle of male and female.
Zoy gets into contact with his ancient soul, portrayed in the film by the alien Ben, who is in another world on another journey.
In the course of events, Zoy realizes that he alone can choose his way.
Still, Zoy again and again feels like being in a world which wasn’t meant for him. Which is the reason why he starts communicating more and more with his origin, Ben, who slowly becomes Zoy’s guide.
Zoy is stuck in a vortex of ambivalence. He is curious, while at the same time running from and looking for the things he is confrontated with and which he will have to accept in the end.

AWAY is show for planetariums.

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