Crave You

This beautiful choreography represents how one woman wants the one man she can't have. He is cold and lifeless until he warms to her charms. She pulls on his heartstrings, bringing the marionette to life... until she can't manipulate him any more.

Filmed in Montreal at the Mount Royal Chalet on the RED Epic in 5K.
Director: Francesco Giannini
D.O.P: Riccardo Marrone
Grip: Domenic Marrone
Production Manager: Ani Gurunlian
Hair: Vincent Diplacido
Makeup: Stephen Cabeleira
Editor: Riccardo Marrone
Dancers: Sasha Kozak & Lauri-ann Lauzon
Production House: Marrone Films
Co-produced: Franky Films

Music: Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
Available on iTunes:

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