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This translation is the product of 6 years' intensive research. You can download the full explanation using the links below.

Be sure to watch the response video 'Learn Isaiah 53 in Hebrew', for there I upgraded the translation in Isaiah 52:13, 53:8, and 53:12.

As covered in the Yapping Most High (YMH) video series Part 10s, every syllable in Isaiah 53 corresponds to one year. The idea was for Israel to use it, to track her future and as time went on, her past history. So Isaiah maps out the future from 712 BC to 37AD, to complement his eschatological discourse, so Israel can know HOW LONG each segment will last, as well as what it would be (i.e., Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, Temple Rebuilding and Messiah's coming and going). Therefore God uses Isaiah 53's accounting, to apportion the years in Daniel 9:2, Jeremiah 25, and Dan 9:24-27. That's why Daniel asks no questions: he knew the material already. That's why he timed his prayer to be in the 49th year of the exile, just as Isaiah 53 had mapped it.

Obviously this idea is a major surprise to Christians, so there will be future videos showing how each clause in Isaiah 53 ties to a now-past historical event, which at the time of writing, was yet future. Clearly this must be a major rhetorical style in the Old Testament, for both Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 use it. So one can objectively vet also, the existence of the same kind of meter in other prophetical passages, i.e., Ezekiel, the Davidic Psalms, etc.

Hence I've translated Isaiah 53 using that same Hebrew meter, but in English words, so you can see the pattern for yourself, and how well it tracks time -- especially since now, all that time is PAST. Thus we see prophecy objectively fulfilled. Very shocking stuff.

Download the full translation explanation using these links:
Part 1a (39MB):
Part 1b (92MB):
Part2 (48MB):
Part3 (39MB):
Part 4 (48MB):
Part 5 (47MB):
Part 6a (80MB):
Part 6b (85MB):

The files are dated 1/18-19/2010, and are the originals.

Both the Isaiah 53 and the Psalm 90 video playlists are embedded in the Bible Hebrew Meter webpage, here: .

My Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis video playlist documents the discovery of meter, which I tried to find, to see if Isaiah 53 had missing words. It doesn't. A more complete explanation of that search is in , which doesn't yet include this material.

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