Commercial Film
[ Taipei ]
The Director visited streets and alleys in Taipei to interview people from Taipei and abroad and scooping out the beautiful things in Taipei .And then gather some characteristics together like convenience, consideration, hope, warm, a place that people can realize their dreams and so on, then used these characteristics and wonderful things to transmit Taipei City No.1 to the public.

[ Taipei ]
導演以走訪台北大大小小街道、巷弄、訪問台北市市民與在台外國人的方式,從中發掘(挖掘)、記錄台北的美好,而匯集、歸納出片中所提到便利、體貼、希望、溫暖,可以築夢等特點,利用這些特點與美好向大眾傳遞Taipei City Number No.1


Director : Hung-i Chen 陳宏一
Assistant Director : Jung-kuan Chen 陳容寬
Producer : Fu-jing Lin 林富靖
D.P. : Kedy Yu 游凱迪
VFX Supervisor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
VFX : Anne Feng 馮安安
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Assistantl : LiAnLu 陸俐安

Client : Taipei City Government 台北市政府

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