Tell three people that Paul was not bad.
• Homework readings for Bible VIII: Romans
o Analysis
o Paul‘s Letter to Romans
• Timeline of the Apostle Paul
• About Paul and his Journeys
• The Quest for the Historical Paul
• Mystery Cults of the Greco-Roman World
• The Council of Jerusalem
• Chronology of Apostle Paul's Journeys and Epistles
• The Judaizers
• The Corinthians
• Atonement of Jesus, theories of
• Paul for a New Day, Robin Scroggs (Amazon)
• The Fruits of The Spirit: the Nine Virtues
• Love’s Body, Norman O Brown
o (wiki)'s_Body,
o (Amazon),
o (excerpts)
• Deutero-Pauline and Pastoral Epistles
• The Gospel of Thomas
o (pbs)
o (text)
• Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition
• Apostolic Succession (Princeton)
• Apostolic Authority and Succession

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