About the score of
by Pavlos Kountouriotis

Ptosis (2013, 75mins)

Ptosis (2013) is the second of minimalist, repetitive choreographies made by Pavlos Kountouriotis.

The principle behind the making of Ptosis was- ‘Falling, never boring’.

The piece is made up of 3 sets of dancers, 4 acts, 9 scenes, 8 scores and 5 movements. The score for the piece was made using coloured post-its hanged on the wall.

The first three acts follow the same pattern: original score, 1st development score, 2nd development score. Each these acts is performed by a set of different dancers and each set developed its own deviations from the original score (which is what we call the 1st and second development score).

Act 1:
The original score is performed by 5 dancers. After that, the 1st development worked on augmenting the amount of dancers from five to six. This immediately brought up the question of space, and therefore the 2nd development score explores ways on how to break the spatial patterns.

Act 2:
The original score is performed for a second time by a set of different dancers. Differentiations start occurring. After that, the speed of the metronome is double to 230bpm. This is the 1st development. It occurred to us, that an iconic image of pop culture occurred and in the 2nd development, we explore the possibilities of such associations.

Act 3
The original score is performed by a set of yet 5 different dancers. More differentiations occur. After that, the group transposes the falling movement into facial physicalities. The 2nd development works on using the same physicality to give different meanings.

Act 4
For the last Act, all 16 dancers come on stage. PJ Harvey’s song Rid of Me is played three times during which time the dancers find their way to the floor. The principle is to endure and pursue what comes from specific situations and not to go to pathways that allow for easiness or what we are used to doing.

In addition to the formal means of the structure, the performance is also mediated by a series of principles for performance, which include: ‘it’s just a silly dance’, ‘insist, persist, assist’, ‘how we feel is how we behave’, ‘offer the gift of courage’, ‘there are no mistakes’.

Performance made by
Kristina Becker, Arthur Haas, Johanna Honkanen, Jerimia Jerimia, Hanna Lee, Marianne Linder, Tina Machulik, Koeun Park, Oovi Patrao, Alex Polupanow, Swarna Rautiainen, Céline Riat, Caroline Servollek, Viktoria Trow-Poole, Timothée Uehlinger, Serja Vesterinen

Choreographic Process & Sound Editing by
Pavlos Kountouriotis

Assistance to the Choreographic Process & Videos by
Karl Heinz Mierke
Fenia Kotsopoulou

Special Thanks for her kind support, sexy and endurance workshops
Deborah Smith-Wicke

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