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American Hands is Coloratti Sally Wiener Grotta's ongoing narrative visual celebration of those individuals who are keeping alive the traditional trades that built our country's diverse culture. Sally's photographs include blacksmiths, weavers, spinners, glassblowers, bookbinders, rug makers, and more. In this webinar Sally will share with us the workflow for creating a gorgeous glossy magazine-like journal for her American Hands project. From choosing the photographs, to preparing them, controlling the color with X-Rite solutions, and preparing the final layout for printing. The journal she produces is proving to be useful as a gift for exhibit venue managers, contributors, grant givers, and for other promotional purposes to help increase the support for her fine art project. In addition, she sells the journal as a very desirable take-away from her exhibits and lectures for only $20.

Come enjoy Sally Wiener Grotta's "American Hands" and learn a workflow that will allow you to produce your own glossy magazine / journal. This webinar is a special presentation brought to you by X-Rite during X-Rite Festival of Color Calibration.

Learn more about Coloratti Sally Wiener Grotta and her project American Hands at

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