Bible's Mary is nothing like the RCC description. Nor would logic pick the RCC description.

Pick: which should be more holy?

Bible You Deftly Know and Live On, as the prophets and Mary clearly did, pattern of the later Matthew 4:4, Hebrews 11:6? See vimeo magnificatmeter channel which demonstrates it LIVE, and the Synoptics Episodes 10+ . Mary's grasp of Word Believed, shocked me.

Or, per RCC (but not Bible) -- what she didn't do with her body?

Oh: if RCC claim were true about what she didn't do, she'd have sinned against the Mosaic Law, as last half of video shows.

So the RCC Mary, is but a Vestal Virgin with 'Christian' slapped on top. The puerile and prurient 'Church Fathers' didn't know her or Bible, at all. So they invented adolescent or pagan ROME ideas like virginity, to praise her.

Honestly, who thinks God regards virginity as spiritual, given how David played around? And Solomon? With his 700 wives?

Production Note: music comes from some old Win95 files of snippets which I strung together. No attribution anywhere to be found.

Original 6/18/08 vid description, follows.
Video answers a challenge. Also, 24-min audio on 6 objections to RCC: . Related webpage: , which the audio mentions. The audio link is in that webpage, too. (There's a 7th objection, that RCC is anti-semitic and hence preterist.)

Upshot: RCC, like every denomination, promulgates anti-Biblical 'doctrines'. But they can be corrected, without ruining the denomination.

Here, RCC gaffe is making Christ DEPENDENT on Mary's alleged sinlessness (contradicting Romans 3:23, 5:12, 1Cor15:22, and Luke 3:23).. to be called sinless Himself?

Someone claimed I was lying about what the RCC says, hence this video. I hereby attest that the following JPGs used in the video are scans of the actual RCC-authored Catholic Library of Devotion in my possession: outer box, first video frame. -- 3 books in the 2nd video frame. this is the "The Life of Mary". Imprimatur Cardinal Stritch and other proof of RCC publishing.
Last numbered page in the book, 304. Copy of the overleaf to the FacePage, which has the word "fanciful" (in pink video overlay) in it. Enlarge the picture in your browser. Enlarged copy of Fanciful.JPG: see its outrageous remarks (i.e., lines 4, 7, 11, 14, 15, 17).
Copy of the 'Life of Mary' page, saying her early Life is based on "ancient legends", not Bible.
Another enlargement to make more readable. Another 'Life of Mary' page, shows papal use of Koran to buttress the claim of Mary's sinlessness.
200% enlargement of that same page.

Note: these pages are listed in order, just as in the book. has videos and text showing Bible mistranslation and 3rd-century invention of the Latin word Petrus, to falsely claim Peter pope. It's embarrassing.

Anyone claiming his denomination gets all doctrine right is evil. RCC is not alone to blame, here. Protestants also make their sects God, instead of God. But God puts His Word above His Own Person, Psalm 138:2b. So anyone NOT doing that, well.. "shun them", Paul warned in 2 Tim 3:5 (see 2Tim2:26-3:7 for full context). John says don't even say 'hello', 2John9-11.

All denominations misuse Bible. Yet they don't later correct; instead they COVER UP their errors.. or bully.

So it is with the RCC: not grasping the meaning of the Virgin Pregnancy, they made up LIES about it. By contrast, Bible makes clear sin is transmitted through the genes of Adam, Romans 5:12's aorist tense-matching. So the miracle of VP at meiosis, bypassed the genetic sin nature. So Christ was born sinLESS.

Bible records Mary sinning several times; she called herself a sinner in Luke 1:47. So she's GREATER than the RCC depicts, due to her FAITH, not her virginity, lol: just imagine the pressure she faced! How intimidated would YOU be to have to raise as a son, the God-Man who'll pay for your sins?

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