Trailer for the feature film, THE ILLUSTRATED FAMILY DOCTOR directed by Kriv Stenders. Based on the novel by David Snell. Available on dvd through Madman Entertainment -

105 mins
Pod Film / FFC / SBSI / FTO / Showtime / Palace / Moviehouse

Synopsis - The Illustrated Family Doctor is a dark comedy, that centres on the story of Gary Kelp, a young man who condenses reference books for a company called the Info Digest. The film begins with Gary's fathers death, and Gary having to start work on condensing a home medical journal called The Illustrated Family Doctor. The deeper Gary gets into condensing the journal, the more he starts to question his job, his life and everything around him. Then, mysteriously, he begins to take on the symptoms from the book and slowly his life starts to fall apart around him in comically tragic ways.

Director - Kriv Stenders
Screenwriters - Kriv Stenders & David Snell
Producer - Catherine Kerr
Associate Producer - Aline Jacques
Music - Severed Heads

Samuel Johnson
Colin Freils
Sacha Horler
Kestie Morassi
Jessica Napier

Best Original Soundtrack 2005 Aria Awards

Official Selection
2005 Tribeca Film Festival
2005 Adelaide International Film Festival
2005 Shanghai International Film Festival
2005 Warsaw International Film Festival

2005 Best Adapted Screenplay / Film Critics Circle Association
2005 Best Adapted Screenplay / Australian Film Institute Awards

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