NoSignal installation consists in a 3x3 matrix of old recycled computer screens and 9 small beepers taken from unused desktop computers. Thanks to an specifically designed electronic circuit the installation works like an audiovisual instrument.

The VGA screens show a series of graphic patterns based on line and color. This graphics are generated electrically, and no image sources (dvd, computer, etc) are involved. Each screen receives different voltage sequences for each color channel (RGB: Red, Green, Blue), and this very same electric patterns are converted into sound by the speakers.

We are working in the 2.0 version of the instrument, which will include MIDI triggering, tap tempo, interactivity through microphone and sensor systems, and hopefully vertical lines :-P



Human being generates 2 billion tones of rubbish every year, of which 30 million are technological trash, coming from old electrical appliance: televisions, printers, radios, washers...

The instruments in the Luthiers Drapaires Orchestra are the result of recycling and reuse of technological waste. After the machines and material have been collected from rubbish dumps, skips and the street, the electronic, mechanical or building parts that may be useful for producing musical instruments are removed. A process of work then begins which includes circuit prototyping, design of the mechanical systems and acoustic research.

With the "Luthiers Drapaires," Telenoika makes it clear that there is no need to become immersed in market and consumer dynamics in order to access electronic musical instruments, and that the waste we generate as humans provides enough raw material to build sophisticated devices. The growing open hardware / Arduino social network on the Internet gives everyone access to the knowledge needed to make something that is apparently rubbish into useful hardware. This means that more and more people are adopting the philosophies of DIY, recycling and downscaling.

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