Study for construction by Roeland Otten
a collaboration with Alonso Vazquez
documented by Nicolo Scatola

BLANC SPACES are spread around in the buildings and on the terrain. They are for escaping the regular working condition and to be invented by a student for whatever kind of purpose they could have. Whether it is a 24 hour space, a place to pray, to filter, to hang in a tree, to sing, to chat, to sleep, to define a new balance, to imagine a building, to relate to the outside world, to make a live cinema.

The activities are recorded as one minutes movies and are screened in and around the buildings.

Made and invented by the Design Lab, Studio for Immediate Spaces, Rietveld Fine Arts, The One Minute Foundation, Parking Club, Lukas Feireiss, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Gennaro Postiglione.
November 2013

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