explainerguru.com created this explainer video for the launch of Qeepr.com.

It was a challenge for our team to develop this video.
The treatment of the overall theme of Qeepr needed care, and demanded a measure of restraint.
It called for creating a certain amount of distance between the audience and the subject of the video.

We live lives. Then we die. Simple fact of life.
None can fight this phenomena.
Time passes by, memories fade.

Qeepr.com provides a way to keep memories alive.
To honour and cherish those memories.

In the video we focused on the positive theme of how our protagonist lived his life, and how he affected the lives of people around him.

We show Qeepr.com as a way to find some solace, to find a sense of community, and a route to preserving cherished memories.

Our client rightly opted for an elegant and simple design.
In simple but effective 2-D form.
This effectively communicates a difficult subject in a hopeful tone.
The background piano piece beautifully conveys just the right amount of depth that we wanted.

This was a rewarding experience for our creative team at Explainer Guru.

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