How do you introduce the concept of insurance to a mass public unfamiliar with it? For Grand Guardian, it was simply to showcase a story of a man’s journey in life and how having insurance provides a life of security and assurance, where, with a simple signature, one can safely protect their family, their assets and their future for life. And as simple as it sounds, putting together a person’s life story in a minute and a half commercial is not a cakewalk. We had to pinpoint specific points in his life that provides key significance in almost everybody’s own personal journey. The story must be relatable to the everyday audience. Keeping it simple, keeping it relatable was always the key idea behind the concept. And of course, having great actors, lovely locations and the immense support from Grand Guardian in Myanmar helped made the shoot a wonderful and enriching experience for all involved.

Production house: freeflow productions
Director: Alan Cai
Producer: Peter Tan
Editor: Jin Gui Liu
Writer: Stacey Leong

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