This is the visual component of my M.F.A. thesis "Rhetoric of Title Design". My written thesis is based off the theories of Roland Barthes, specifically his essay "Rhetoric of the Image", and applying it to the main title. Rhetoric of Title Design is the collection of "connotators'', or symbols, combined together to create a greater ideology, or "rhetoric".

For the visual project portion of this thesis, I chose to work with a director in the film department and produce a main on end for her M.F.A. thesis film titled "Shades of Black". Her film is about a young girl accepting her sexuality, both the good and the bad. For the main on end, I use symbols to represent a rhetoric of "The Fall", specifically the main character's fall from grace.

Thanks to Michael Betancourt, Minho Shin, and Austin Shaw for being my committee for my thesis.

Dedicated to my sister Mary, who was diagnosed with leukemia the same week I started writing, and as I finish almost a year later, is cancer free.

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