Unsupportive Family & Friends- Does it Feel Like They Secretly Want You to Fail?theyaymeuniversity.com/unsupportivefamilyandfriends/
How often do you stop yourself from pursuing your Big Vision or Big Dream because you are waiting for the people (i.e. spouses, friends, peers, family members, children) in your life to "get it"... to get how important your dream is to you and to nurture it, give you space and not do subtle things to "sabotage" you. Perhaps, you are the glue financially, spiritually or otherwise, that is holding everything together and you are constantly praying that God will help "them" to understand and value you and your desires. Maybe, you are asking God, Source, to put it on their hearts to be more loving and supportive and to be independent... Maybe you are begging good to turn their unsupportive ways into support, love and concern... but that so doesn't happen

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