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The book in english:

Outline of the class:
-Review of last class
-Do we say Bismallah or Bismallah Alrahman Alaraheem

*Who is Allah سبحانه وتعالى
-Sole title for Allah (no similar in even merely the name)
-Root/origin of the name.
-How Allah SWT uses RAB and ALLAH SWT in the story of Musa AS
-Allah SWT is the only name when called in duaa you use (Alf) (lam) in it unlike
-Allah SWT is not a type of thikr alone
-Allah SWT is the name all other names follow
-You take from the name Allah SWT and the root ILAH all three types of tawheed.
-Allah SWT is mentioned 2602 times in the Koran
-The mighty name Allah SWT
-Do not underestimate Allah SWT when mentioned or even merely the mention of the name of Allah SWT

*ALRAHMAN الرحمن
Glimpse on the name Alrahman

*ALRAHEEM الرحيم
-Glimpse on Alraheem.

*ALRAHMAN ALRAHEEM الرحمن الرحيم
-Summary of the two name of Allah SWT
-Differences between the two names
-No one can be named Alrahman but one can be restrictly named Alraheem
-Allah SWT disgraces those who try name themselves with any of his exclusive names.
-Alfarisy and Ibn Jareer on the the difference between Alrahman and Alraheem
-Ibn Abbas on the the difference between Alrahman and Alraheem
-Ibn Almubarak on the the difference between Alrahman and Alraheem
-Breifly on how we believe in Allah SWT names and qualities.

*The mercy of Allah
-Despair not the mercy of Allah.
-His mercy proceeds my wrath رحمتي سبقت غضبي
-The story of the women who sought her son
-The mercy of Allah SWT has 100 parts

*How to attain Allah's mercy
-Saying AstaghferAllah
-Being good, righteous and merciful to others.

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