Sunday, Dec 1, 4pm, Admission: $6

Thurs, Dec 5, Part 2, 7pm, $6

Chatham 14 Theaters
210 W 87th Street, Chicago, IL

We are bringing it back? See Part One and Part 2 in the same week.
Toussaint Louverture was 8 when he saw his father thrown in the sea of The Cap of Santo Domingo by a slaves buyer finding him too old and useless.Toussaint Louverture will keep these horrible moments in his mind and will be the foundation of his revolution and rebellion. At this time, he has been bought by a new master, Bayon de Libertad who will recognize at once his particular qualities.Bayon will allow him to learn reading and writing and gave him his freedom at his 33 years.At his 50 years, he starts to lead a Revolution to free his people and country becoming « The Black Spartacus ».He will first join the Spanish Army against The French Army will propose him a deal he will accept and becomes General Toussaint Louverture.He proclaimed a Constitution for his own country which worried Bonaparte who started to get some anger for him and took this as an indépendant and terrible act.

Join us and see this film in a social setting on a state-of-the art 4k digital projector (just like downtown) and stay for a lively post-film discussion and debate.

See Part 2 Thurs., Dec 5th at 7pm.

Directed by Philippe NIANG
Production 2011
Author and screenwriter: Philippe NIANG and Sandro AGENOR,
with with the collaboration of Alain Foix
Starring: Jimmy JEAN-LOUIS (Toussaint Louverture), Aïssa MAIGA (Suzanne), Pierre CASSIGNARD (Général Laveaux), Arthur JUGNOT (Pasquier), Yann EBONGE (Moyse), Hubert KOUNDE

Jan 2, 2014, 7pm
Chatham 14 Theaters
210 W 87th Street, Chicago, IL

The Battle of Tabato
78 min - Drama - 11 July 2013 (Portugal)
Director: João Viana
Writer: João Viana
Stars: Mamadu Baio, Fatu Djebaté, Imutar Djebaté

Fatu’s father has returned home to Guinea-Bissau from Portugal to attend her wedding. The young woman teaches at the university and her future husband is a well-known musician. Their wedding is supposed to take place in Tabatô, a village where everyone makes music. On the way there, it becomes apparent that the father is seriously traumatised by his experiences as a soldier in the colonial war decades earlier.

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