This alarmingly uncirculated restoration released by Filmoteca Española presents a markedly different version of this classic than what Transflux versions on youtube. The film as shown here plays in ‘actual time’, slowing down the hyper, 16 minutes cut to a more deliberately paced 21+ minutes. The image is less contrast-blown than any version and is no longer heavily cropped. The score, too, is different, dropping the now iconic tango back-and-forth with Wagner, with just a straight run through the Wagner. This message precedes the film:
The first sound track was recorded in France in 1959-60 for the re-relase of the film.
Although at the time that is to said to be sound track prepared by Luis Buñuel in 1929, the tangos used are not from that period. They were composed and recorded in the 1950s.
We have used the same musical pieces, in this case complete, because is the best known soundtrack, but we must inform you that, as the film reproduced at the rhythm of silent cinema, the synchronies have varied, making it more like what the original sound recording must have been, as least as regards the music by Wagner.
The second track contains versions that was never exhibited, but which faithfully follows the directions written in the original script, with the music starting when originally intended, so the first two minutes are silent.
We think it could have been Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dallí’s first idea for the sound recording .

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