Again, we're still introducing Luke 1's Magnificat, since Mary follows the rhetorical tradition of Time Meter when she speaks, as you'll see in my Magnificat playlist. For the Son was to arrive on a SCHEDULE which was annually plotted in the Bible, starting with Moses' meter in Psalm 90. To understand that meter, we gotta go back to Isaiah 53, which Daniel 9's meter had updated; for Mary updates Daniel's meter.

Isaiah 53, had played off Moses' meter in Psalm 90, to update the prophetic timeline of Messiah's arrival and departure. So the flow of the timeline, goes back to Adam:

Moses' Psalm 90 plots time from Adam to David's Advent, and simultaneously to Purim; Isaiah picks up at David's Advent, plotting time to Messiah's scheduled death; Daniel 9's meter then does a retrospective on Isaiah 53's forecast, balancing it to Messiah's scheduled death. Mary then picks up where Daniel left off, cleverly adding 73 years to his ending forecast of the rise of Rome (73 was the meter Daniel used in 9:5). Which 73 years, is the initial Chanukah.

For when newly-pregnant Mary speaks, she knows her Son will be born on the 160th anniversary of that Chanukah. Thus she keys her metered words in the Magnificat, to update the Timeline from Daniel. Paul will then pick up where Mary leaves off, updating the Timeline to show the effect of Church Insertion -- which is Luke's rhetorical theme for his Gospel -- in Ephesians 1:3-14.

Sophisticated rhetorical Bible style, this metering. Which no one in Christendom knows, and the Jews, have largely forgotten. I'd not know it either, but for a query to God about something my pastor taught, 11 years ago. Been researching the answer, ever since.

So this video explains that TIMELINE connection. See also my 10 YMH video playlist (episode 10 of Yapping Most High is its own separate playlist), or Episode 10-11 GGS playlist (subset of Greek Geek Stuff playlist). This is a complex subject, is unknown to Christianity, so requires a lot of explaining. Since all its material is IN the Bible, you can vet it yourself, once you see the pattern. This is provable directly from the text's own pattern of syllables, not an 'interpretation'.

So it is objectively falsifiable from the source, and it doesn't require an 'expert' to sanction it. Master document containing all relevant webpages, docs, and video links is . The htm copy is . The pdf copy is .

Chart is here: . Isaiah chart, is here: or .

Pity that few will actually study the matter. Bible's accuracy and data here is of extreme importance to hermeneutics, would resolve many debates re TC, Bible's dates, textual preservation, and especially, eschatology. Oh well.

See 1 Synoptic for playlist description. Vid made 7/21/12.

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