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Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak - In Support and Promotion with ChildHelp

We at Disrupted Logic (a very small video game development team out of Vancouver BC) are VERY PROUD to support our friends at ChildHelp with this new game - Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak. Call us crazy if you must, but kids LOVE playing first person shooter zombie games. That's never going to change.

And here's the thing: Some of these kids find themselves in trouble at the hands of real-life monsters with their very lives at stake. That's horrifying and THAT needs to change. Some of these children escape to the fantasy world of gaming where they feel a greater sense of control and where the only life at stake is a virtual one. If we can reach out to even just one child (and hopefully reach them all) to let them know that there is help and it's a simple phone call away, then we as developers of entertainment feel it's been worth it.

For you kids out there that are reading this, the number to call is 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or visit

Now on with the show!

They called it an Apocalypse but it was more like a Zombie assault. It started with just one person, then two, four, eight and before we realized what had happened entire city populations had turned into savage, blood thirsty armies of the dead.

It all happened so fast. Economic collapse, government corruption, terrorism, unrest ... and then the outbreak of the H7 virus.

Some say it was a global conspiracy. The master plan for a New World Order: A disease by design, derived from Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis. It didn't help that the bio-nano vaccines failed and caused the virus to spread like wildfire throughout the world.

There's not much left now. Millions infected, countless dead, and a few lucky survivors struggling to find the last safe corner for humanity.

Your mission: Explore the environments, search for clues, secret rooms, SURVIVE and find patient zero.

* Wave based Zombie shooter
* Kill hundreds of infected Zombies for instant points and rewards!
* 11 unique environments to blast your way through
* Over 20 different weapons to choose from
* Intuitive controls
* Vending machines provide health and ammo when you need it
* Use the Time Buster to slow the gameplay
* Bump the poster boards for in-play rewards like Gold, Points, Ammo, Weapons

♥ Sharing is Caring! ♥
Give a little and get a little in return! Share your extras with friends and receive instant in-game rewards.

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