Trailer for Ika (Feather), an award-winning Telugu short film by Raam Reddy.

Brief synopsis:
Ika is a film about Rajesh, a boy living in a slum in Bangalore who wants to make a film. He doesn't have a camera; he builds a camera using a cardboard box and a magnifying glass, and sticks an old VHS tape onto the side of it. He then sets out with his friend, Prashant, searching for an idea for his film, telling Prashant that 'Whatever is in your mind will go into this tape.' Then, when they find that one of their friend's chickens has been chased off by a dog, they decide to make a detective film about searching for the chicken.

Awards and Selections
Winner, Best Short Film, Toto Funds the Arts, Bangalore, Jan 2013
Official Selection, Signs Film Festival, Trivandrum, Feb 2013
Official Selection, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, April 2013
Official Selection, Palm Springs International Shortfest, June 2013
Official Selection, Indisches Film Festival, Stuttgart, July 2013
Official Selection, Beeldbuis Film Festival, Zwolle, Sept 2013
Official Selection, Raindance Film Festival, London, Oct 2013

Main cast:
Rajesh. Y.
Prashanth. D.
Suvarna. K.
Vinod. R.
Srinivasulu. T.

Writing/Directing/Camera/Editing/Sound Design: Raam Reddy
Production Crew/Assistant Director: Ere Gowda
Production Manager: G.R.Muniyamma
Sound Engineering: Clay Kelton
Special Thanks: Christopher Burchell, Anita Reddy, Nicolas Grandi, Rebecca George

Producer: Prspctvs Productions, Bangalore, India

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