The reel contains parts of the following interactive projects:

"INNER DUST", audio-visual performance with interactive projection, 2012.
visual concept, camera, video editing: Mihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals
audio concept & sound processing & interaction programming: Catalin Cretu/ CMEM
performer at premiere: Luiza Neumayer

"BELLS & MECHANISMS," audio-visual interactive dance performance, 2013.
video concept, live visuals, lights, live camera: Dilmana Yordanova/ KOTKI visuals
composition, live electronics & interactivity, programming: Catalin Cretu/ CMEM
touch-sound interactivity, programming: Cristian Iordache
performer: Ana Maria Costea
Project supported by ZonaD Studio

"REVERBE", 2013. Interactive audio-visual performance produced by AVmotional Association and funded with support from the European Lifelong Learning Programme “Grundtvig”.
concept: Dilmana Yordanova/KOTKI visuals
programming, interactivity & live electronics: Constantin Basica, Catalin Cretu /CMEM.
voice: Mbela Nzuzi
percussion: Bobo Nkie & Guelor

"4TH SKIN", premiered as an audiovisual interactive performance, work in progress @ Ars Electronica 2013, "Use it at your own risk" exhibition of Interface Culture Lab.
A project by Mihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals
Programming: Cristian Iordache / KOTKI visuals
Choreography: Dolma Jover Agullo
Performers: Juan Camilo Herrera & Vilte Svarplyte
Sound: Sorin Paun aka Randomform
Co-produced by: Interface Culture Lab & KOTKI visuals

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