Just a little European vibe to an original. I don't pretend to know much about electronic music. I like the beat...and that's about as far as it goes! Oh ya, synthesizers! You know, those dangerous machines that were going to ruin music. Well...okay. I was going for something different as I become bored doing the same thing over and over. This was fun to do!

I found some cool loops and pieced together a drone in C. It does give me the feeling of music that was created in Europe and imported to the USA I'm assuming back in the 80's. When I think of music that has a euro-vibe I hear something like this. Energetic, alive, night music. Ya, that's it.

I consider it more of a female personality therefore the title, "Eurogirl". I added guitar, which may be highly inappropriate for this style. Well, forgive me for not being able to control myself~:)

Please help me with the history of electronic music if you would:) For once the teacher needs to be taught!l

Thank you for listening!

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