Preview Chicago artist, Jason Brammer's "Into The Ocean Of Being" exhibition at Linda Warren Projects. Includes footage from the opening reception on October 25, 2013. Exhibition runs Oct 25 - Dec 7, 2013.

Exhibition Video shot by Ben Gershman
Additional Footage shot by Eric Hopper
Edited by Eric Hopper
Music by Carl Broemel
Produced by

Brammer's Artist Statement-
Our minds, left unattended, can endlessly churn out thoughts, much like the swirling clouds in the sky that dissipate into each other. This cloud of thought is often repetitious and is usually anticipating future events or lost in memories of the past. Behind this ceaseless torrent, there is an expansive ocean of calm, rooted in the present moment, that can be accessed through stillness. In this day and age, with our increasing reliance on technology and our hyper-paced speed of living, the mind rarely gets a chance to be quiet. My exhibition features work inspired by these notions and invites the viewer to question what is perceived, look through illusion, and step “Into the Ocean of Being."
Into The Ocean Of Being features mixed media works that blend painting with sculpture and assemblage. I typically paint on wood constructions, and often build my underlying structures using salvaged molding, discarded wood furniture, and a myriad of other “gifts” I reclaim from the alleys. The imagery you see is hand-painted, including much of what looks like rust and patina, which is an effect I create by layering paints, glazes, and plasters on my surfaces. Real antique or vintage parts (like hinges, gauges, and handles) and other sculptural elements (such as chain and recycled leather) are also integral to my work. Rusting surfaces, antique hardware, and oxidized metals all play a part in creating the feeling of a bygone era that I aim to capture. I am interested in evoking a timeless nostalgia that you can't quite put your finger on, but gives you the distinct sense that you are observing an artifact, relic, or “machine” from another time or place.

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