Focus is on the rollout of Peter, Jude, Mark, Hebrews. In the video, I get the rollout order wrong. Now (11/2013) I know the order (first sentence, here). So this 9/15/09 video is outdated, yet its methodology still helps show how one can date when Bible books were written: it's a huge conundrum in textual criticism, but should not be. Video tweaks the New Scofield's listing. You can see the page live, at .

Frankly, the scholarship on Bible Book Dates, is often abysmal. However, they didn't have our modern technology of Bible Software, to run the kinds of searches they needed, to estimate. So don't use 'traditional' scholarship. Instead, learn their methods, and then do it yourself, with Bible software. I'd recommend BibleWorks, as the other programs 'out there' are less robust; or (like Logos), are harder to use; and focus less on Bible, in favor of sales gimmicks. (See my BibleWorks setup playlist in Youtube, if you want to see BW in action; or, just watch any of my HD videos with a boring thumbnail.)

By the way, when you do search yourself, you realize that Matthew was written much earlier than 'scholars' posit. I don't show why, in the video. How do we know? Paul refs Matthew 2's Chanukah theme, in Gal 4:4. He refs Matthew 7 in Romans 10. There are more references and quotes, but I've not had time to document them all. You can, if you just use a concordance. Problem is, the scholars don't sufficiently recognize how cross-referencing also DATES the Bible books, relative to each other.

Paul also quotes Luke. Since scholars know Paul began writing in 44 AD or so, and since he's already quoting both books as if everyone knew them already, Matthew had to have been out for a long time. I've not yet found the earliest use of Luke by Paul, but he does quote Luke in the prison epistles: Eph1:3-14, is a huge example. For Luke wrote out the Magnificat, and Paul uses it to craft his meter, writing per his own dateline meter, of 56 AD ('our' 58). So he's expecting the reader to already know the Magnificat meter. Which they couldn't all know, were Luke not long already in writing; and known as canon, when Paul wrote.

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