Video Captures from the live visuals at Thila 2013 in Mechelen (BE). Software and stage design by Dorids.

More information on the project and the creation of the generative software:

Buy this track [Cardio - Neus] here:

All our love and thanks to:
The Open Frameworks community for pretty much everything. Syphon, Reza for ofxUI, Beeple for additional content, Shadertoy for inspiration and additional content, THH (Toon De Nyn, Sauri De Keye, Bram Verbruggen, Wim Peeters, Koen Verbruggen, Hans Verbist, David De Herdt and Ruben Vannieuwenborg), Björk for getting us through the coding-marathons, Toon Persyn and Vincent Stevens for filming and Thila Coloma.

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