OhM is a dark techno band from Vancouver BC. A few months ago they asked me to direct a music video for their single "When Robots F***." I jumped at the chance.

They had a few caveats. They couldn't get me up to Vancouver, nor could they get down to me in L.A. I had to create the video entirely on my own. Other than that, I had full reign over the visuals.

After sitting down with the tune for about a week, I came up with a treatment. Ideas flew back & forth across the 49th parallel. Another week and the treatment was set. That's when they told me.

They needed it in a month.

Well, that was the last anyone saw of me for 30-odd days. Modeling, texturing, lighting & animating. My vision was for a computer junkyard, lit film-noir style. A love story, a hate story. Passion, deceit, loss and discovery.

And ... of course ... robots f***-ing.


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