yea the time has come and we're all awake
we see through the lies and we're not afraid
we're on the otherside where everything is real
are you prepared .? get ready for the seventh seal
1st verse:
yea we can see it our freedoms gettin threatened
thats why we on the front lines and we deep up in the trenches
when they speaking to the presses we dont believe a single sentence we dont need them for protection we can see through their deception
from hidden ancient artifacts to futuristic missles , the world will continue to split with humans in the middle
the revolution is simple look at yourself in the mirror you feel it burnning behind your eyes inside of your spirit
we cherish this moment cuz now that we're growing in numbers and no one knows that we're coming we've summoned each other and now we're together we're coming with love in our hearts to start a new beginning with new vision to see through the dark and we're winning
no more dealing with sheeple or arguing we dont need to cuz every single one of us is all equal we the people are the ones whos gunna see through this evil and if we're not able to reach you we love you but we must leave you beacause...
2nd verse
its like a modern day inglorious bastards
we approaching the catalyst with informative rappers,infowarriors,hackers,and activists from round the globe we're in action we're the last ones left so you could only imagine whats going to happen next cuz this is only a fraction and no ones alone in this thats why we sworm by the masses and cause a mass effect the new world orders collapsing the force is just massive you feel it in your soul as it passes
this is the clash of the tyrrants fascism zionist magnetic science galactic allignment capitol giants trying to trap us inside this machanical climate but we adapt and survive it and thats why we're never looking back or behind us
its either gunna get darker or brighter  and as we walk through the fire we become more conscience and wiser
and we're not gunna stop why because we got the desire to topple empires we're not gunna comply we've got to survive this..
3rd verse:
you feel it in the air the energy surrounds us some heavenly powers it was ment to be ours the momentum has never been wilder and ive never been prouder lets remember the towers and put an end to these cowards
this is fredom from slavery my chains are on the ground i came to be loud and my frequencies changing
yea we all look different but we're seeing the same things we speak from the same brain and we bleed from the same veins
and we beleive in the same dreams their pissed off cuz we caused a leak in the mainstream and now we're bout to flood into the streets and reclaim peace but shhh meanwhile all the sheep will remain asleep
humans are designed to fly through evolution
and now has come for the time for resolution
nothing is final we'll survive this execution
steve grant reporting to you live from the revolution

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