Produced by Imaginary Forces | New York

Executive Producer: Gabriel Marquez
Directors: Dan Gregoras and Ronnie Koff
Producer: Jon Hassell
Production Coordinator: Tess Sitzmann
Editor: Zach Kilroy
Design & Development: Kim Dulaney, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Henry Chang
Storyboards: Wes Simpkins
Modeling & Rigging: Dan Fine, Lee Wolland
Animation: David Lee, Han Hu, Steven Lee, Ian Brauner, John Velazquez, Clint Chang
Lighting & Texturing: Jesse Holmes, Sarah Bocket, Dan Fine
Compositors: Jeremy Cox, Adam Yost, Erik Rasmussen, Matt Foglia, Dave Lobser

Note: This is the credit list for the entire campaign. Not everyone listed worked on this specifc spot.

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