456 how to rightly divide the word

Do you know what it biblicaly means to rightly divide the word? With only a NT mentality you do not and because of that missing knowledge, it very well could cost you your eternal soul!!!

SECTION 1: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD? When I was a new believer many years ago I head this term, you have to rightly divide the word of Yehovah. Many so called knowledgeable people would give these churchy ideas on the words written down in this book. The saddest thing is that these people because they were carrying a lie from the enemy of Yehovah did not know the book they were speaking about. This book called the bible is uniquely a cover to cover JEWISH book. Without that knowledge you will never be able to rightly divide the word because your starting place is totally wrong. In the first section of this message we are going to look at demands, and I do mean demands that Yehovah makes of us while we are under grace. If you do not follow these demands from Him there is a special place for you.

SECTION 2: RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF YEHOVAH. We are going to take a look at the beginning of the Messiah’s ministry. The day He was tempted. The day He was hungry. The day He was offered things the secular world would kill for and already have. We are going to look at each and every word of part of the Gospel of Mattiyahu and learn how to rightly divide the word from the proper perspective. And the proper perspective is; Torah observant Messianic Jewish. The only way to read the wonderful words given to us by our King.

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