Need a great resource for your credit union's next marketing campaign? Check out this episode of CUbroadcast with The Financial Brand's Jeff Pilcher who provides numerous secrets and keys to financial marketing success that he routinely covers on his site -- along the abysmal failures. Jeff affirms, however, that The Financial Brand's primary goal is to deliver helpful marketing content, as well as, providing the tools and resources to make financial marketers' jobs easier -- all for free. Many of his stories convey that goal, as he publishes such items as:

Social media power 100 ranking
Bank and credit union taglines
Bank and credit union websites (good ones and bad ones)
SEO glossary
How to write attention-getting headlines
Financial infographics for presentations (I've used a few!)
Redesigned bank and credit union logos

Prior to launching The Financial Brand, Jeff built brands for hundreds of banks and credit unions across North America. As a result, he has a bit of experience in this area, as we discuss the success of The Financial Brand along with FI's usage of social media, Financial Brand Forum Conference, and plenty more in this first of two parts.

Side note: The video in this episode was a bit sketchy at best as Skype wasn't having its best day, so we converted this episode into an audio podcast. Now you can multitask while listening to this info-packed episode on financial marketing success. Check it out -- and stay tuned for part two next week!


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