Hello there,
This is the third film of the 'Arrangement for every mood' series, which studies the arrangement of everyday objects to express one's mood.
In the third film, we arrange flowers to express different moods.
The idea of this project came from my previous fanzine: flickr.com/photos/36328635@N00/8446549582/

Links to other 'Arrangement for every mood' films:
vimeo.com/angdoo/arrangement1 (toothbrushes)
vimeo.com/angdoo/arrangement2 (book)
vimeo.com/angdoo/arrangement4 (fork and knife)

If this film helped you to better express yourself, please share.
And you could leave something in the tip jar so that i could continue making stuff (or so that I could get a haircut which I badly need).


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