About Film in the Netherlands: EYE.nl
This website sketches a picture of the developments in Dutch film history beginning with the first film exhibited in the Netherlands (on 12 March 1896) up until today. There are also many films and photographs from the EYE collection available online.
At present, the website covers the introduction of film in the Netherlands and the first decennia thereafter. Soon the site will be expanded with much more material, including the history of the feature film, experimental film, animated film and films from the Dutch East Indies. Altogether, these will provide an extensive image of Dutch film and cinema culture.
The Film in the Netherlands website currently features information about close to 2,300 early films. Many of these films have been lost; it is estimated that approximately 500 films have been preserved and more than 270 of these can be viewed on the website. In addition to this, there are fragments from nearly 50 other films that can be watched through the website.

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