Performance, 2013
Exhibition: “Sketching the Buffer Zone”, POLISTAR, Istanbul
Courtesy of the Artist Buffer Zone, Apartment Project
Two channel full HD video (11’42’’, 20’01’’)
2 translucent white flags, a pair of black gloves, a compass

I am wearing two black gloves and open my arms in 45 degrees to hold two translucent white flags in a stationary position as long as my body endures. I use a compass to designate north or south direction by a compass in Cyprus but if I make Abrogation in other geography, I turn my face to the coordination of Cyprus according to my standing point. The first and second performance documentations are performed in Cyprus and the third one was performed in Istanbul during the opening of “Sketching the Buffer Zone” in collaboration with Apartment Project. The performance facing the Venetian Walls is recorded in the Southern part of Cyprus and the one that I face the sea is recorded in the Northern part of Cyprus. The island has so many flags which are representations of possession of a particular territory. The position that I signal is used in the semaphore alphabet which symbolizes the meaning of abrogation. Semaphore alphabet is a way of conveying information at a distance for emergency communication by means of visual signals with hand-held flags. Information is encoded by the position of the flags; it is read when the flag is in a fixed position. The duration of performance is slowed down to emphasize the feeling of a geography freezed in time.

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