Champagne and a bit of family terror. Premiered by Rolling Stone:

Written and Directed by Neil Ferron

Director of Photography: Luke McKinley
Assistant Director: Hannah Finnie
Story Editor: John Leith

Starring (in order of appearance): Amy Thone, Nathan Sorseth, John Leith, Syniva Whitney, Will Cortney, Sean Griffin, Quinn Franzen, Kellen Braddock, Caroline Brown, Ryan Sanders, Samantha Jensen, Spike Friedman, Carol Thompson, Peter Crook, Shannon Campbell

Special Thanks: Cam Shaw, Romina Romero-Hermoso, Tiffany Wendel, Hadley Hillel & Ethan Saneker, Jonathan and the Marco Polo Motel, Louisa, Scott, and Laura Malatos, Roy Dubrow & Jedd Randell of British Motor Coach, Melissa, Martin, Azalea & Lillabet Feveyear.

"Swift Arrows" available now at iTunes:

Neil Ferron on Vimeo:
Luke McKinley on Vimeo:

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