"Spirit of Lemonade" (part 1 of 12)

What's it like to be an entrepreneur in New York City, competing to earn millions by following your passion? They had lemonade stands as children, and now they've grown up — and give it all to make their dreams come true. They have the courage of heroes, the scars from deep wounds, and still they pick themselves up in pursuit of their goals. Details at LemonadeHeroes.com/tv

Casting is still open, at LemonadeHeroes.com/nominate

Very special thanks to every Founder who appears in this video! In order of first appearance, they are:

David Anthony of BondiDigital.com • David Carlos of MyHomePayge.com • Jason Reis of JasonReis.net • Ilya Zeldin of 2gno.me • Noam Kostucki of RedefineUs.com • Alexander Almonte of Callender Signature • Hakim Taliaferro of Lux Life Scents • Noam Kostucki of RedefineUs.com • Holly Pressman of FinLit.com • Stephanie Abrams of SocialFly.com • VJ Maury of GroupGames.net • Renjit Varghese of Arogium.com • Dale Noelle of truemodel.net • Rob Caucci of SpaceSplitter.com • Tracy Ongena of AlvitaCare.com • Robert Eierman of 40BuckPayroll.com • Alexa Carlin of HelloPerfect.com • Dina Elardo of NotaryPublicCentral.com • Keisha Wright of GetSwoon.com • Gavin of Keys for Success • Trent Love of VetsChatShow.com • Kiana Danial of InvestDiva.com • Mahmud "Wazi" Wazihullah of LetsOrderNow.com

And of course a big shout out to our production teams and the locations kind enough to host us:

"BROWN ROOM" and "BRICK WALL" — interviews by David Carlos • video by Longshot Productions • audio by Jason Ledyard • first edits by Daniela Croci • location: the DL
"BEIGE ROOM" — interviews by Aaron Sylvan • audio by Jason Ledyard • production coordinator: Lydia Schmidt • first edits by Daniela Croci
"VIP LOUNGE" — interviews by Vincent Bagnall • camera 2 by Sean Ribera • audio supervised by Sibte Hassan • first edits by Daniela Croci • event: Lemonade Heroes Yacht Party • venue: Hornblower Infinity
"WHITE CURTAIN" — interviews by Aaron Sylvan • audio by Steven Vergara • event: NY Business Expo • location: Javits Convention Center

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