To create a high-fashion living media installation in San Francisco introducing Frēda Salvador to those who had yet to hear about the luxury footwear brand, to generate buzz, interest & question, and to re-enforce the "Effortless, Edgy & Timeless" main philosophy behind their brand.

MAMA began the creative process on this activation knowing to be successful, we had to provoke conversations with the art where human form collides with elements of visual art, sculptural design, geometric patterns, choreographed movement and fashion. We needed to make an elegant and mysterious statement, so we chose to create crystal, metal and leather masks to cover the identity of the models and make this activation 100% silent. The silent, model mob traveled in choreographed paths through the cities highest traffic locations and came together to create multiple geometric patterns, enticing the Instagram generation. As the public would approach the models, there was an interesting thing that happened. As they stood poised, cameras in hand, waiting for the mob to break into action...they soon learned the mob would not move, nor answer any of their questions...and then noticed other people watching them trying to capture action that was not there. The public became the performer. MAMA's mob of silent observers asked only one question, "Who Is Frēda Salvador?" and left it to the public to find out for themselves.

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