The Prophet
A journey from Misery to Bliss

[A great collection of original poems on human misery, love and the search for ultimate freedom...]

Misery-love-freedom, that is the philosophical order of the book. The last poem 'The Prophet' is the target point and all else is an educational journey within this very life to reach the final destination- the prophetic wisdom, the ultimate freedom. Our struggle, frustration, confusion, fear- through all these we search for the ways to be free; we try to love, we try to be loved, conditionally and unconditionally...all these experiences slowly grow us up over a period of time; through all ups and downs, someday, some of us find the ways to the ultimate freedom, the ultimate peace, the path of a prophet.

These selected original poems were written over the period 1992-2013.

'The Prophet' is now available in USA and Europe through Amazon. And the eBook version is worldwide.

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