At 12-years-old, we challenged Brandy to relate to a song conveying feelings never witnessed in her adolescence. She took a unique approach; re-enacting the mourning of a beloved pet/family member and left us inspired by her fearless imagination . This November, she turned 13 and we want to do something to honor her hard work. We would like to donate all proceeds of this song to her education (excluding music distribution site fees...yeesh). Brandy, we are grateful for your contribution to this project and the contributions you will make in this world. We believe in you and wish for you to continue being creative in whatever path you chose. With love and admiration; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Gospel No.1 is the first installment of a multi-media art project designed to raise funds for individuals, groups and organizations who will make a difference in this world. The idea; philanthropic aim is not limited to socials class, income, race, gender or sexual orientation. Any being with compassion has the capacity to provide compassion. This project used creative means to establish an education fund for the talented young actress featured in the video.

Brandy Young
Jesus Benitez
Andrew Ramirez
Crystal Cerecedes
Jonathan Rivera

Brynne Filer
Mae Koo
Jessica Suarez
Karina Ramirez
Jaime Ballesteros
Art Zavala Jr.

Rene Pacheco
Crystal Cerecedes
Jonathan Rivera
Andrew Ramirez
Art Zavala Jr.
Shireen Alihaji

Bijan Alihaji (remix)
Oladapo Akinsiku
Art Zavala Jr.
Jessica Rivas (actress)
Jaime Ballesteros
Brian Young

Barbara Brandon
Kris Fortin
Giovanni Solis
DJ Hoppa
Marco Amador
David Gomez
Madeline Crain
Christina Vega
Grace Masqueda
Ervin Arana
Shane Carpenter
Amia Tadjalli
Chris Morales
Pedro Banuelos
Miguel Ayala
Jon Navales
Kevin HIdalgo
Pedro Banuelos
Rosa Navarrete
Krystal and Iain Padley
Nora and Jersain
Marcos and Yuli
Gabriel and Ponz
Dom and David
Henry and Dez
Graciela Sanchez
Pacheco family
Zavala Family
Lopez Family
Sarinana Family
Garcia Family
Hidalgo Family
Alihaji Family
Provatas Family
Mirhossaini Family
The Reyes Bros.
Temoc and Marilyn Hernandez
The Dharma bums
Thee Commons
Brothers Science
The beautiful city and people of Boyle Heights
Deng that's a lot of people;)

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