• Homework readings for Bible IX: The Book of Revelations bit.ly/18eE7OX
• Elaine Pagels on The Book of Revelations (New Yorker) nyr.kr/HGF6RA
• Revelations: Vision, Prophesy, and Politics (NPR) n.pr/19MqrPl
• Apocalypticism Explained (Frontline) to.pbs.org/17dXHLd
• The Books of Revelations (Frontline) to.pbs.org/17Tb5rR
• Four Views of Revelation: Idealist, Preterist, Historicist, Futurist probe.org/site/c.fdKEIMNsEoG/b.5110361/
• City Upon a Hill, John Winthrop, 1630 mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/winthrop.htm
• How the ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic” Changed America (Slate) slate.me/14Qu7MR
• The Millerites and The End of The World utc.iath.virginia.edu/christn/chmillhp.html
• Beast Number (666)
o from Wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_the_beast
o from MathWorld mathworld.wolfram.com/BeastNumber.html
• Black Elk Speaks, John Neihardt (excepts) welcomehome.org/rainbow/prophecy/BlackElk.html
• Julian of Norwich (mystic)
o From Wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_of_Norwich
o From Luminarium luminarium.org/medlit/julian.htm
• Mythos and metaphor in the Apocalypse Northrop Frye's literary criticism applied to the Book of Revelation (pdf) bit.ly/18HiIhQ
• The Great Code, Northrop Frye (Amazon book) amzn.to/19xrRJl
• Jung’s Archetypes bit.ly/1gWTDYc

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