"In chess the rules are fixed... but the outcome is unpredictable."

In the international world of gun running... loyalty, honor and discretion are valuable commodities, but nothing is more priceless than the bond of family. Power begets enemies and a loved ones betrayal cuts like a knife. Sides will be chosen, wars will be fought. In the end, there can only be one King.

Written and Directed by R.L. Scott
Executive Producer Amin Joseph
Produced by David A. Fisher

Starring: Bai Ling, Amin Joseph, Chris Mulkey, Bill Cobbs, Robert Miano, Lester Speight, Gabrielle Dennis, Alimi Ballard, Sean Riggs, Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel, Monyque Thompson Scott, TJ Hoban, Shaun Mixon, Del Zamora, Maurice Whitfield and Johnny DeBeer

Dark Energy Pictures: 646-691-6369 for Sales Inquiries
Shadow Motion Pictures
Fisherthoughts Productions

In Select Theaters 2014

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