Created as part of a project for MA Filmmaking at The Northern Film School, this film explores the theme of nature's role in creation and destruction, following and inspired by elements of the poem 'The Sands Of Dee' by Charles Kingsley.

Within the poem, a group of fishermen discover a drowned girl in the ocean. They initially mistake her floating hair with weed, or fish, confusing her body with the natural elements around them. They bring her body back to shore, but can still hear her call and feel her presence, along the 'Sands Of Dee.'

Kingsley's descriptive comparison between the lifeless body and the natural surroundings is illustrated so beautifully, and in unison, creating a visual of the intertwining between human presence and nature itself. This is the key objective of this short, allowing the camera to analyse and document the dead body together with the organic elements as if they are connected as one, part of landscape's aesthetic.


Diane McMillan - Girl


Writer/Director/Producer - Lia Hayes
Assistant Director/Gaffer - Jorge Daszkal
D.O.P - Ben Brown
Editor/Colourist - Lia Hayes
Assistant Editor - Jorge Daszkal
Composer/Sound Designer - Danny McDermott

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