Audio only, continued from 129b. It's so easy to focus on good and bad, right and wrong, sin and evil -- but is that the real story? Not at all. So here's the core deal, the raison d'etre for God making it all: His PLEASURE. Huh?

We come to think of pleasure as something we shouldn't have, that holiness and pleasure are supposed to be mutually exclusive. Not at all. So to see what kind of PLEASURE is really at the heart of this whole 'game', we look at God's. Greek word is eudokia, the center anaphora in Paul's Ephesians 1:3-14.

See the GGS channel, , for the Pauline use of the term. Video descriptions have a massive Word doc/htm/pdf explaining Paul's meter, which centers on this word, eudokia. It's never been covered in Christendom, so the writeup is long and complex, but testable.

So this audio is a kind of commentary on what Paul means. I should have covered it earlier in the God Deeds subseries, but it didn't hit me until last week. So here it is, now. Episodes 12b9c and d will continue on this subtheme, which is the core reason why you and I exist: to SEE CHRIST, to become LIKE CHRIST -- but for purposes of PLEASURE.

How can that be? Well, think: when you were a baby, you were pleased by baby things. As a human, you're pleased by human thihgs. But God is pleased by God things, Romans 8:1-10. So He can grow you to be pleased like HE is. Christ did that, Hebrews 12:2. So now His Thinking can be cloned in us, so we too grow PAST even human pleasures, in favor of the highest ones: God's.

The shocking thing about God's Pleasures, is that He doesn't want to even BE God, if He isn't in 'all things' (ta panta in Greek, a nickname for Christ in Bible). But He can DETERMINE what 'all things' are. You and I wouldn't create 'all things' to include bad or small stuff, but God did. So, we exist. So, all the hassles exist, too. Why would that design PLEASE God? Every day I learn more of His answer, recorded all over Bible, but most notably in Isaiah 54:1 and Eph 1:15-23, to MAKE GOOD ON and FILL everything. Himself. Even, hell.

This answer shocks me. Every day.

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